The requested operation cannot be performed on a file with a user-mapped section open

When using Andica software, an error occurs:

The message you are getting "The requested operation cannot be performed on a file with a user-mapped section open", is a system related error and not caused by Andica software. The issue is likely to be caused if:
  1. Another Windows process on your computer has 'locked' the software data files, in which case close all applications and restart your system and log into the software again.

  2. Anti-virus software that may have been set to the highest level of scan and it scans all activities on your computer - such as 'file open', 'file save', 'Read', 'Write', etc. may result into Andica data files being momentarily 'locked' by the anti-virus while Andica software is reading and writing data into its data files. You will need to check and configure anti-virus or review other processes on your computer that may lock the files.

    If you are using AVG security, then this is a known issue caused by AVG on some other software databases as well. A customer has also had this on Zone Alarm Security. Some (not all) versions and some settings in AVG may be causing this. A handful of our customers who have come across and reported this error have also confirmed they are using AVG and disabling AVG (not recommended) has solved the issue.

    We have found the following information on AVG website that may help.
    Details are provided on AVG website

    The solution will be similar for any other anti-virus software that you may be using.

    Set the data path for Andica software to be excluded from scanning. Data paths are likely to be as following:

    Andica software version 2014 or later:

    On  Windows 7 and Windows 8.x: 'C:\Users\Public\Documents\Andica\'

    On Windows XP: 'C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Andica\'

    Note: Andica software do not support on Windows XP operating system.

    Andica Software versions 2013 and earlier:

    On all windows OS: 'C:\Andica\'

    Also check for this error message in your security software provider's web site for any known issues.

    Disabling anti-virus or firewall is not recommended.

  3. You may have opened a couple of instances of the software. Close all applications (including Andica software) and restart your computer.

  4. You have limited access rights to the drive or folder where you have installed the software. Edit your systems Sharing and Security permissions to allow you full access to the Andica software folder.

  5. Lack of Windows 'Administrator' privileges for your Windows Log on (user name).

  6. You have encrypted the drive where the software and data files were installed.

  7. Single user software has been installed in an unsupported system environment (network or remote server).

If this continues, uninstall and reinstall the software using the software setup file you have downloaded previously, use the activation we have already provided to activate the software.

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