SA302 Tax Calculation Report HMRC Tax Year Overview

SA302 Tax Calculation Report and HMRC Tax Year Overview

Andica SA100 software provides facilities to preview and print Tax calculation SA302 style report.
According to HMRC and Council of Mortgage Lenders, following documents can be sent to mortgage lenders (both together):
  1. Tax calculation report (SA302) generated from tax return software
  2. 'Tax Year Overview' generated from HMRC's website.
How to print a Tax calculation report (SA302) from within Andica SA100 Self Assessment software:
  1. Open the software and tax payer record
  2. Click the 'Calculate tax' icon on the toolbar
  3. Print the tax calculation

Details on how to do this are provided in 'Calculating Tax' - 'Calculating tax' and 'Tax calculation reports' section of the user guide and software help file.

How to print a Tax Year Overview from the HMRC online account:
  1. Choose the relevant client (if you are a registered customer representative)
  2. Follow the link 'Self Assessment Overview' (if going through 'Your Tax Account')
  3. Follow the link 'view account'
  4. Follow the link 'tax years'
  5. Choose the year from the drop down menu and click the 'Go' button
  6. Follow the link 'Print your Tax Year Overview'.

It will be up to the lenders to accept/reject these documents.

Further details are provided on HMRC's website:

Print your SA302 tax calculation and tax year overview if you are applying for a mortgage and need proof of earnings

Find out which mortgage providers and lenders accept printed tax summaries - Mortgage providers and lenders who accept a SA302 tax calculation and a tax year overview

Disclaimer: Information provided here is given without any obligations and we will not accept any claims or liabilities for any damages as a result of you relying on the information given here, if in doubt you must consult the HMRC Online Services Helpdesk on 0300 200 3600 or a professional tax advisor.

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