Error 1310 Error writing to file Verify that you have access to that directory

Error 1310 Error writing to file Verify that you have access to that directory


During the installation of Andica Software, Windows Installer encounters an error:
Error 1310 Error writing to file: [filename.dll] Verify that you have access to that directory. Giving a .DLL file name such as Crystal.Decision.ReportAppServer.CommonControl.dll. File name may be random.

Causes and Solution:

The likely causes of this error are:
  1. Lack of Windows privileges for your Windows Log on (user name) hence Windows is not allowing you access to install the files.
  2. Solutions:

    1. On Windows XP: Ensure your Windows User Account in Control Panel has 'Administrator' access right. Access Windows Control Panel and change User access level to 'Administrator'

    2. On  Windows 7, Windows 8, Window 8.1 or Windows 10 OS: Ensure Windows User Account Control settings are set to 'Never notify' for now.
      To access User Account Control Settings, type 'UAC' in Windows search field or open Control Panel - User Accounts - User Accounts - Change User Account Control Settings

    3. Right click on the software installer file you have downloaded and select 'Run as administrator'

      Suggestions a) and b) are most likely to solve permission issues.

  3. Installation of the software giving access to Windows user who was logged on at the time on installation. Selecting 'Only for me' option instead of 'Anyone who uses this computer (All users)'. Hence the data is locked for that user. Please refer to the 'Installation' section of the user guide. (This issue is only applicable on older versions of the software)
  4. Solution:

    1. Cancel the error message box and either click the back button to ensure that you have selected 'Anyone who uses this computer (All users)' option or cancel the installation process and amend your Windows User privileges to have 'administrative' rights.

Also, if you are trying to Run the software installation from the Web server, please do not do that. On the download page, once you have clicked on 'Save or Run', click 'Save' and save the software installation exe file in a convenient location on your hard drive. Then after downloading, you can 'Run' it.

If setup rolls back or closes, restart the Setup by running the installation EXE.

Note: Andica software do not support on Windows XP operating system.