Andica Software Support - Taxation and Accounting Support

Andica Software Support

Andica software is supplied with a user guide in PDF format providing information on how to use the software. The software also has a built-in Help file.

Answers for support relating to software usage, training type queries, will in most case be provided in the user guide.

For hardware, Windows, system environment issues, we cannot provide direct assistance, but where we have come across similar issues, we can provide our suggestions which may or may not work on your systems.

The software price does not include any support or training. Software training and support can be purchased separately.

Technical Support

In case of technical support relating to the standard software queries, we may be able to provide general guidance (subject to disclaimers). Most known technical queries are listed on FAQ section of the website and/or the user guide.

All these are provided without obligations.

Ensure that the computer on which Andica software is installed meets the minimum system requirements specified on each product's System Requirements page.

Taxation and accounting support

We do not provide any accounting, taxation advice or assistance on how to complete Customers or their Client's tax returns.

We supply software for processing payroll, accounting, taxation, tax returns, etc. We cannot provide any professional advice or comment on such processing as we are not familiar with Customers individual or business circumstances, accounting requirements and tax affairs. For such queries, Customers must consult the HMRC, an Accountant or a Professional Tax Advisor.

Tax calculations and Completing tax returns

The software calculates tax in line with Government tax rules and the values are reported based on the entries made within the software.

Advice on completions of tax returns and/or how taxes are calculated should be obtained from HMRC, Accountants or Tax Advisors who are familiar with your Individual or Business circumstances and accounting.